Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's So Bad About Eckankar?

A Quick Look at What's Wrong With Eckankar,
Its Leaders and Its Teachings...

The falsehoods, deceit and improprieties surrounding Eckankar are vast and run very deep, like the roots of a big weed. Here are some main poins brought out about Eckankar and its leaders, past and present:
  1. Paul Twitchell plagiarized materials from other authors and claimed these writings as his own discoveries and his own experiences. Some of the material, such as the plagiarized works of Dr. Julian Johnson (Path of the Masters, 1939), was claimed by Twitchell as his own inner plane experiences from the Shariyat Ki Sugmad where it exists in nonphysical form.
  2. Harold Klemp forced Darwin Gross out of office in a coup that was disguised as an effort to "clean house."
  3. Paul Twitchell's so-called biography, written by occult author Brad Steiger, is riddled with lies and inconsistencies supplied by Twitchell to Steiger. Eye witnesses and associates of Twitchell attest to the fact that Twitchell invented his own experiences and life story from his imagination, and Steiger, standing to make a profit, published it as truth. Among the most notable lies are Twitchell's reported birth date, his travels abroad and his birthplace. For more on this, read Making of a Spiritual Movement by David Lane, PhD
  4. Harold Klemp, like Darwin Gross and Paul Twitchell before him, is no master, but rather a manipulator and con man who does not even understand the concepts which make up the foundation of the Eckankar teachings (because these concepts were stolen from other religions such as Shabd Yoga, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism and Suffism). Klemp uses his seminary education and Christian teachings as the essence of today's Eckankar because this is all he is familiar with; while at the same time, he slanders Christianity and every other religion in general as being inferior and misleading.
  5. Harold Klemp never studied or trained with or under ANY spiritual master. He is a self-proclaimed guru and he continues to elevate his stature by promoting himself to greater titles and positions; e.g., he calls himself a "modern day prophet" and the godman, and the highest initiate ever.
  6. Most of the Eckankar teachings about consciousness are taken directly from Shabd Yoga.
  7. Paul Twitchell was a follower of Shabd Yoga master Kirpal Singh. Correspondence from Twitchell to Singh is documented, yet Twitchell, in his later writings, denies that he was ever Singh's pupil, despite the fact that documenation exists to prove otherwise, including Twitchell's own earlier writings.
  8. Individuals have been sued or legally harrassed by Eckankar for written criticisms of the organization.
  9. Paul Twitchell took (plagiarized) the writings of others and substituted the names of fictional "Eck" masters where the original authors had used other names or no names at all.
  10. Harold Klemp concocted lies to cover up for Paul Twitchell's lies, inaccuracies and plagiarisms, making him as guilty as Twitchell for proffering this scam called Eckankar.
  11. Eckankar initiations are a sham, with no purpose other than to further control members and wave the proverbial carrot in front of their noses for future promises of aggrandizement.
  12. Projections of one's mind are used as "proof" of the inner existence of Eck masters, while conversely, negative projections and negative dreams and nightmares are conveniently said to be works of the "Kal."
  13. Eckankar has trademarked words which have long been common to other religions, including vairagi, ekankar, ek, soul travel, mahanta, etc.
  14. Researcher/philosophy professor David Lane, PhD, has been the most tireless pursuer of truth in this matter to unconver the falsehoods of Eckankar, Paul Twitchell and other leaders.
  15. It is extremely likely that Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp are sociopaths. Their profiles, including willingness to lie without conscience, fit that of the sociopath. The reader is encouraged to buy a copy of The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PhD, Harvard psychologist, to understand the complications of the sociopathic personality.
  16. Eckankar is, by all definition, a criminal enterprise posing as a religion. An intelligent, well-read person can see through the lies and inconsistencies.


Punam said...

What is the truth behind the initiations and soul travel? How do Eck followers see souls in their waking/dream states? What is the truth of the so-called questions and the answers being given in dream state? The first initiation.. the second.. Eckankar does not force anyone to follow it.. they say, experience first, then believe in us.. how is that possible?

Unknown said...

There is no truth at all behind eckankar's initiations. You may as well just promote yourself to god and leave them out of it. It is all a big lie and a farce. When eckists say "experience," they have no idea what they are experiencing; it is simply the ego mind itself in the form of imagination. Any worthy Vedic sage would tell you this.

PEN officials said...

What is this eckankar all about ..
From my founding ..I found out that its a cult group or what so similar ..
It's complicated..