Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anonymous Sentiments from a Former Eckankar Member

I really believe that Eckankar, as well as other groups of its ilk, is criminal. You have to be of a criminal mentality to pretend to be a spiritual leader/master (if there is really such a thing anyway), to charge people for your fairy tales, to tell people their delusions are real, to sell them books consisting of plagiarisms that are still easily provable, and to continually speak from a podium in seminars and videos about things that are just fabrications.

As I was quitting this cult, I purchased several books from around the world. These books were written long before Eckankar was invented. Paul Twitchell stole the writings of others and claimed them to be his own. This is just a dispicable form of behavior. It is criminal not only in terms of the law, but also in terms of ethics. It just shows you what a low-life he was. But what can you say of Harold Klemp who continually defends the conman Twitchell? He is just an accessory to the crime, as well as the initiator of his own crimes.

Sadly, human beings are not very grounded. They want so badly to believe in things that are supernatural. This is why we are taken advantage of . But to make things worse, groups like Eckankar tell us that our victimization is our own fault. This is really sick thinking. It's like getting punched in the nose repeatedly then having the attacker tell you it's your fault. Bullshit. The victim is not the criminal.

Twitchell knew he was no master. And Klemp knows he is himself a fraud. There is no nice way of saying this, but they are both conmen of the highest order. Even worse, they are of very little conscience owing to the degree to which they have carried out this scam. If there really was a hell, which I don't believe there is, they would both be the first to burn.

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