Thursday, May 31, 2007

They Stole the HU Too... Stolen Word for Word

Sing HU Until You're Blue!
Twitchell The Plagiarizer Presents
Stolen HU Description from a 1920s Author

Huuuu... It's sung by Eckists everywhere. But did you know that the word and the explanation were plagiarized, like many other eckankar-related things, from somewhere else?

The word HU is fundamentally important to eckankar. Although Paul Twitchell gave no credit to Sufi mystic Inayat Hazrat Khan, he took the man's words verbatim to describe HU in Twitchell's own The Far Country. Khan, a noted lecturer and musician, died in 1927, several decades PRIOR to the publication of Twitchell's book and the founding of the modern cult known as eckankar.

The plagiarism of Khan's words to describe the HU is no oversight, but rather one in a long series of plagiarisms enacted by Twitchell to formulate the written foundation of the eckankar works. In fact, the more one delves into the works of this "path," the more astounded you are to find so many plagiarisms. It's a disease with Twitchell.

What Twitchell has done is actually unbelievable to anyone with a conscience. Every intelligent researcher is taught to give credit for the sources of his research. This leaves Twitchell, the backwoods Kentucky drop-out racist in the dust. He didn't know the difference between stealing and inventing, between lying and leading.

Even more astonishing is the fact that many plagiarisms perpetrated by Twitchell were claimed to be written accounts of HIS OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. To restate this, he not only stole people's writings, but he also stole their experiences as if they were his own. You decide if this guy was any kind of spiritual master!!

Twitchell often claims these plagiarized works comprised information he gleaned from the inner planes. Twitchell simply stole the eloquent writings of others and substituted names where convenient to meet his own agenda. Is this the mark of a lofty character — a master who preaches in word and writings not to steal, lie, cheat or deceive? If you can't tell the difference, you need a psychologist's help.

Fundamentally speaking, the plagiarisms of Twitchell combined with Harold Klemp's defense of them, makes the eck writings and so-called history a LIE. There is no other way to look at this. It is ALL FRAUDULENT. The devoted Eckist who is the most attached to his own ego and afraid to face this truth is twice taken: once by eckankar and its self-proclaimed masters, and then again by their own egos which turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the truth to continue embracing more and more lies.

This is not atypical of the victim mentality: afraid to admit you made a big mistake and move on.

Read the Plagiarisms on these Pages...
If you have a copy of Twitchell's The Far Country — a book that Klemp has praised over and over — read it alongside a copy of The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan (page 172 and page 311) to discover by comparison that Twitchell plagiarized (word for word) Khan's keen and poetic phraseology to explain the word HU.

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