Saturday, May 12, 2007

Confused About Eckankar? It SHOULD Be Confusing!

Are you really a truth seeker, or just saying that you are? This may be a test of more than just faith for you.

This website is dedicated to those who left Eckankar, are considering leaving it, and those who are considering joining the group. It is written by former members of this organization who have been fortunate enough to come to a conclusion that it is a scam. You will find solid evidence for this on this blog site — evidence that Eckankar can in no way refute and no Eckankar official will dare to challenge in an open debate.

Being former Eckankar members, we know this organization from the inside and understand the nature of all of its teachings, from waking dreams to meetings with the "inner master." We will define for you what these phenomena really are, within the context of logic and psychology instead of blind faith in a shaky belief system.

Certainly, there will always be people who WANT to believe in strange, unprovable things. Indeed, such people may even die for their beliefs, no matter how strange and erroneous. Such adherents cling to their faith because they have built their identity and their lives around the teachings and therefore are deeply afraid to leave the system in fear of losing themselves. If you are such an adherent — a defender of the preposterous, a devotee of a leader whom you do not even know personally — then do as you wish and dismiss all of this proof. But if you really are a truth-seeker as you claim to be, then you will read and digest and understand what we are saying here. It is your choice.

There is no doubt, and we will not be polite here, that Eckankar is a scam started by an illiterate, ill-spoken, backwoods simpleton from Kentucky named Paul Twitchell.

Eckankar is a waste of your time and money. It pretends to be a religion, but fails miserably to find legitimacy because it is borne of fraud, deception and manipulation.

We offer you the facts about Eckankar and its leaders.


ti lon said...

I see BS from this page and from the

Twitchell was many things we do not like but he was far from illiterate in the fact that he wrote many things as a writer long before 1960s
so maybe you are just overstating your dislike...but that makes you low more literate and factual
and you make other mistakes
just because you do not experience all things does not mean others do not have important experiences beyond your science or knowledge
but then you are not smart enough to know that tiny bit of wisdom
until now
thanks for the interesting site and good facts....appreciate it
all good for thought and contemplation.....i am a life member HI....but seems we all like are little awards in life....if we believe
thanks again

ti lon said...

In addition i think finger pointers miss the 3 fingers point back at them
they miss their own short comings so focused on others
as one man said...the problem is often solutions....or poor simple solutions to complex problems
Cults are easy to dis...and find fault with ....ok...i agree but do you live a life free of your own cult shopping consuming buying slave goods - paying taxes to corruption and worse murder....cults are not just in religions but everywhere from anyone who wants money power to be right and loved no matter the cost to people or the environment....cults are everywhere but you do not think they are cults because god is not mentioned....
as bad as you say Eckankar is or was .... i can think of far worse groups .... your pages have not come up with one murder...
but there is fraud...and dissembling and lost lives .....but really its all minor....i mean the eck financial cost in my life is far less ...even the eckists who stole from me....far less than the non eckists...still that does not justify any wrong doing....its just that you overlook all the list of evil ...i mean its like attacking a shop lifter...when major banking crimes by wall street are stealing big time....or the gov loses trillions ...and i mean many trillions....and yet the guy who took $5 goes to jail and the guy who steals 5 billion is given a white house dinner.....
so you pick on this tiny boring organization while the world is falling apart.....yet i must say i read it all and enjoy the insights
thank you .... it is appreciated

ti lon said...

all that being said...i should not compare just my limited experience with EK since i never followed HK klemp nor do i know the suffering of others who were under his dictatorship nor the law suits and pain and psychic pain they went through or evil they experienced
----------------so my point is it may be far worse than i personally know---------
it seems one day we think we know...
and then we learn something new....and then we think we know....and then something different and new when do we really know for sure how evil a group could be far worse as i have read from the painful writings of others who have been ECK members under HK....i certainly wonder


Iri Owen said...

You contradict yourself ti lon. I joined Eckankar in 2008 because of its spiritual teachings and Hu. After moving to the US I started schooling and learning to do research. A few days ago I wrote a paper for school about Tibet and my eyes opened when I noticed the similarities between Paul Twitchel's literature and the works of some Buddhist monks. So long Eckankar. Thanks to my Anthropology class.

Unknown said...

One of the most overused and trite responses from Eckists is this: "you do not have experiences and therefore you do not know..." The problem with this poor response is that it is merely something said to appease one's ego. The ego mind is all about experiences, memories, imagination, and reward; and this is what eckankar offers people. But I have had more experiences than most people, yet I now recognize that these so-called experiences are just stuff of the mind, no matter how much eckankar wants to convince you that they are "real" or valid. They are not. Anyone can sit and imagine an eck master or a dog playing cards, it does not make either real or useful.

You would be much better served to continue your quest to look BEYOND eckankar and try to get to the absolute Truth of things. Then you will discover that eckankar is as shallow and self serving as can be.

Was Paul Twitchell ignorant and illiterate? Yes, according to anyone who has actually devoted his/her life to learning and erudition. Twitchell was a conman and his followers, like Klemp's followers, simply choose to overlook this fact and try to make excuses for all their lying and contradictions. Why? Because to do otherwise would jeopardize their own sense of self.