Saturday, June 2, 2007

Eckankar: A Shameful Mix of Partial Truths & Lots of Lies

If you don't think eckankar is just as nasty as Scientology, then think again. It is all a lie, but the problem is that the members, like I used to be, don't do ANY homework before joining to know that it's a sham. We're ignorant and maybe that's our fault to a degree, but be assured that Harold Klemp, a known mental case, is pulling the wool over your eyes. Just go to the library and read for a whole year and then for certain you would never join this or any other group. Eckankar is a shameful mix of partial truths and lots of lies. In the upper eschelons, they are laughing all the way to the bank. I was in Eckankar for 12 years and know what went on at the top. It's pure junk invented by an ignorant country hick named Paul Twitchell; a guy whose own books contradict each other because he couldn't even remember well enough to promote his own lies successfully.


rorick19 said...

Thank you for your posting. I was an Eckist. I read every book they had in print. I thought it was great until I learned the truth. It is very unsettling to learn about the lies and to experience the intimidation when you start asking questions. I don't understand why no legal action has ever been brought against Eckankar because of their use of material stolen from other great writers by Paul Twitchell.

rorick19 said...

Why has no one mentioned Darwin Gross, Paul's successor, and the court battle with Eckankar? One day he is the Living Eck Master. The next day, he is stripped of all initiations and kicked out of Eckankar. Harold Klemp accused him of being a black magician and warned chellas not to contact him. That is just one more reason to question the validity of Eckankar teachings.

Unknown said...

Seems to me that this author hasn't changed, is uninformed about Eckankar today, and still hasn't gotten up to date with their "homework".

40+! years ago Harold Klemp had a reality shattering spiritual experience followed by a very bad day which landed him in jail.
Given the choice of possible jail time or being admitted for observation, he chose the later. He was subsequently released as OK after the observation period.

So much of all the allegations on these pages that unsettled many Eckists at the time where debunked a long time ago.

No legal action was taken because nothing was stolen and thus, there was no cause for any.

Darwin turned over his spiritual and business leadership positions to Harold Klemp in front of 5,000 people in 1981.

Curious? Have questions about the truth of these?
The Whole Truth
Or for a less comprehensive but free version:
Dialog Here

Todd Gambino said...

member of eckankar, just want to say that as a person who was a emotional thought processing person, and looking for spiritual food and reading about higher consciousness,I experienced many wonderful spiritual things, but that lesson came to a end, and my conscious was upgraded, the next step for me was the quiet mind, here I think when I want, other than that my mind is idle, no more rambling thoughts, no more emotional thoughts, no more being a cork in the sea bobbling around endlessly, I still have my emotions and I think when I want but I finally realized what eckankar is about, its just a way to get to the next level, my life aint perfect but I do have a new conscious with all my past experiences to help me along this new way of mental processing, all I can say is hang in there, its real, it not BS, but knowing what I know now, this new level one day will be just like the level I left so I am not getting all riled up about this new ability for the quiet mind, some religions call it nirvana, except the bliss I guess is the not having thoughts running thru your head 24/7, sort of bliss but since you're not thinking all the time I not hung up with a emotion to carry this level along for any periods of time, just wanted to let people know that its like leaving high school spirituality and heading to college with this next level

IsadoraSain said...

All of you poor eckist who slave for your wealthy org and spend all your money trying to promote it while you think you are superior because of your masters and initiations are just pathetic. Your org is dying because the young these days are too well informed to fall for that lying trash.