Saturday, June 2, 2007

Eckankar: One in a Long List of Cults

Okay, so you're pissed off about Eckankar. You've found out that the group is just a cult. You're disheartened that the whole group is based upon a fundamental lie — a foundation of slippery soil because all the works of the founder are plagiarized. Maybe you've done a little homework and discovered that Harold Klemp is a liar, having covered up for Paul Twitchell and having promoted Twitchell's lies. You just want to pull your hair out. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Eckankar is in sorry company. The organization is one in a long list of cults — a string of other groups doing the same thing and making the same claims. The leader is a divine spark, there are secret words and secret this and that. There is a mysterious and fantastic beginning that "others" who are outsiders just wouldn't understand.

Take a look at the list of cults. Eckankar is just standing in line waiting for your money and your soul:


Unknown said...

I'm not pissed off about Eckankar. In fact I've found out that Eckankar is less cult like than Christianity or other major religions.

The kind of name calling used here only proves something about the writer.

If you check sources linked on this blog you'll find 404's or, like this one, a guy, Steven Hassan, who is taking money by still practicing the disproved therapy of deprogramming.

Way back in the 1980's the American Psychological Association 'repudiated the hypotheses of brainwashing by deprogramming as little more than uninformed speculation, based on skewed data and not a meaningful scientific concept.'

Consider that if you take these Eckankar critics at their word, that they were the type of personality that was so easily manipulated and even brainwashed into believing their wild claims and beliefs about Eckankar, then you might ask, "Have they just been manipulated again into these extreme anti-cult beliefs?"

Jus sayin...

Question their credibility.

If you really want to know, read some Eckankar books. Meet some Eckists and then you can judge for yourself what's right for you.

Or, you could read a book not by Eckankar that has answered in detail all these allegations.

Unknown said...

The above links are semi-accurate.
or for the pre-published free version that included most of the above book

Of course Ecknakar today